The Constant Princess PDF Free Download

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Genres: Historical Fiction
Pages: 528 pages
Binding: PDF
ISBN10: 0007190317
ISBN13: 9780007190317
Tags: Historical Fiction eBooks, PDF Free Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
Size: Medium
Type: Digital
Katherine of Aragon is betrothed to Arthur, son of Henry VII of England. Her faith is tested when her prospective father-in-law greets her arrival with a great insult; Arthur seems little better than a boy; the food is strange and the customs coarse. Slowly she adapts to the first Tudor court, and life as Arthur's wife grows ever more bearable. Unexpectedly in this arranged marriage, a tender and passionate love develops. But when the studious young man dies, she is left to make her own future: how can she now be queen, and found a dynasty? Only by marrying Arthur's young brother, the sunny but spoilt Henry.


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